Design and Build

We provide you with a complete professional package including design and build exhibition stand design, manufacture and installation on site.

Exhibition Stand Design

We approach design realistically.

Exhibition stand design

Every consideration is made to make your exhibition stand design come true and look better than your competitors. Budget plays a big part in keeping our feet on the ground. However, due to our extensive storage facility, we can store and reuse elements from previous stands.

This allows us to be creative in our approach and provide you with more options to consider. Our workforce is thorough and professional. They don’t cut corners.

Who said size is important?

From shell schemes to double deckers, we maximize your budget.

If we can utilize an existing framework and integrate into your design we will. This not only saves time and money, it also reduces material waste which is good for the environment.

Your exhibition stand designer will work to your brief to get everything perfect for your exhibition day minimizing stress before your big day.

We would love to hear about your company, services, products and what you have to offer this all helps us in understanding the best build for your exhibition stand, it also allows us to add personal touches to make your show stand out from the crowd.

Here at Classic Design & Build we believe that communication is key not only during the process of making the stand but also when the stand is finished and your customers see your products. we make our stands so that not only do your customers see what you have to offer they get to experience it too.

Eco-friendly exhibition displays and stands

If we can utilise an existing framework we will. This not only saves time and money, it also helps us reduce material waste.

Looking for a solution to display your products?

Speak to a member of our design team today to see how we can give your products the showcase they deserve.

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