Croda has been founded since 1925 by an entrepreneur called Mr. Crowe and Mr. Dawe. They understand the growth that science plays in day to day life. Their first manufacturing site was opened in 1925 in the north of England where they continue to work to this day with over 4,200 employees. However, they have also targeted manufacturing sites and offices in over 36 countries. Croda recognizes the dangers of diversifying in the 1980's they went back to what they do best, creating specialist ingredients from renewable resources. Looking specifically at new technology capture, continuing the commitment to innovations. The group leads the successful majority shareholder joint venture bid for Chinese based Sipo, marking our first manufacturing site in that great growth market. The business is split into three main sections personal life, life sciences (crop care, health care) and performance technologies (coatings, polymer, Geo technologies, home care, lubricants and polymer additives) within all areas of the business our focus is developing and delivering innovative ingredients sustainably and sensibly.