General Dynamics European Land Systems

General Dynamics European Land Systems is a Europe-based business unit of General Dynamics Corporation. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Being led by a man called Alfonso Ramonet. They employ over 1,800 highly skilled and motivated people into their business. Their products range from wheeled armored and tracked combat vehicles to amphibious bridges and ferry systems, having people all over the world relying on their systems and services. At the heart of GDELS is their employees with different origins, nationalities, and cultures. They get inspired mostly by the inspiration of teamwork and the close cooperation across frontiers. Their suppliers play a critical role in the company as they have the ability to deliver the highest quality products and services that their customers expect. GDELS are committed to protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of the process, operations and products though0ut their lifecycle. they also strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for minimizing occupational health and injury riske]s but also safety and illnesses.