Star Micronics

For over half a century Star Micronics have established itself as a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools and precision parts. Staying on the edge of technology trends added to a couple of years of proven product development and manufacturing experiences have now positioned Star as part of one of the most innovative companies in many targeted industries and businesses. Being a truly global company, Star's brand has become well known, trusted and respected in all the locations of the world. Their headquarters are based in Japan. The company has expanded to established sales offices and manufacturing facilities across America, Europe, Asia and Australia. over the last three decades, business has changed but Star Micronics has maintained peace and leadership through innovation and the printer business has grown strong due to the product innovation introducing the first thermal printer. In the late 1970's the United States had not long begun creating smoke detectors/alarms in all public buildings as mandatory due to this change Star Micronics was later informed that they were the missing link for the smoke detectors available at the time.